Police Close Midland Bingo Hall for Investigation

Police authorities in Midland have closed down Midland Bingo Hall this Friday because the bingo hall is the site ofan ongoing investigation by the local authorities and will remain closed until the whole investigation is completed.

The main reason for the shutdown according to the Police Department's spokeswoman, Tina Jauz, is the theft that occurred on June 2, 2006. The Police have executed a search warrant so that they can investigate the place without interference.

The owner of Midland Bingo Hall, according to Police Authorities spokeswoman Tina Jauz, had reported to the Police Department that a large amount of money had been taken from Day Time Bingo, which is located at 3303 W. Illinois Avenue.

The authorities have executed the search warrants for the bingo hall and an Odessa residence simultaneously at exactly 7:00 a.m. Tina Jauz added.

The Midland Police Department has been assisted in its efforts by other law enforcement agencies in the country including the FBI, the Odessa Police Department and the Department of Public Safety. The result of the investigation and the contents of what the authorities have uncovered during their search of both places has not been revealed as of the moment.

The hall, Tina Juaz commented, will not be opened until the authorities are done with the investigation. Although the Police are not yet sure when will be their investigation be finished.

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